So you’re planning your Christmas party or end of year celebration, and you want to know how you can up the fun factor and the camaraderie.

A photo booth might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Here are 5 reasons why a photo booth experience is a must for your next Christmas Party or End of Year Celebration.

  1. Ditch the awkward photos

A roaming photographer or designated team member who is handy with a camera can take some great photos…

But, they can also be incredibly awkward.

You know what we’re talking about. Forced smiles and people trying to pose like they like each other (while not really wanting to get too close).

A photo booth removes the pressure and let’s people have a more casual, fun experience.

Your team, clients and guests can come and go throughout the event, choosing when they get a photo and who with. They can work up the courage by watching others go first, and show their fun side with themed props and funny speech bubble sayings.

  1. All the festive props you want…even Santa!

Who says pictures with Santa are only for kids?

If your event is family-focused, give your team and clients an opportunity to get family photos with Santa – with a difference. No lines in the shopping centre. No tacky thrones. Just a whole lot of fun!

And, even if there are no kids present, it will be a real talking point!

You’ll be surprised how many of your team sneak into the photo booth to re-live their childhood memories and get a happy snap with Santa.

No matter what direction you choose to go, we’ll provide props to match your theme and up the fun levels. Props also help people who are shy get the courage to pose – giving them to do with their hands and sometimes even something to hide behind.

  1. Capture and create hilarious memories

The snaps we take in the photo booth are perfect for pinning to your office wall, or placing framed on your desk.

Why? Because they capture the fun and joy of hanging out with your workplace besties.

Year on year, we have so many clients come up to us to tell us that they still have last year’s staff party photo booth pics in their office. And that every time they look at them, they get a good laugh!

The photos captured are also great content for things like employer branding and marketing materials, staff newsletters, internal communications platforms, and even social media.

  1. Bring your theme to life

From tropical, to 1920’s, to winter wonderland, to Hollywood glam…the options are endless! This is just a taste of some of the themes that we’ve created experiences for.

Every part of the photo booth experience can be customised to suit your theme. If you’re planning your Christmas or end of year party, you can also go wild thinking about your,

  • Backdrop,
  • Props,
  • Speech bubbles,
  • Templates and print designs, and
  • Display screens.

Too much on your plate? Don’t worry, just let us know your theme and we’ll give you our recommendations and handle all the photo booth experience details for you – big and small.

  1. Spread the joy and celebrate!

Maybe your end of year celebration also includes awards and recognition of your team or guests?

Use a photo booth experience to capture the joy of that recognition and share the celebration.

Photo booth experiences often generate a lot of buzz outside of the event as well – as your guests share their pictures, videos, gifs and/or boomerangs on social media. This is great for employee engagement, employer branding, and general marketing.

Show that you’ve got a great place to work, or that you treat your clients, or just that you’re a joyful group of people to be around.

Above all else, a photo booth experience helps your team unwind and stay in the moment at your event.

Take their mind off their email inbox and let them unwind!

If you’re looking for brand activation ideas, look no further than a branded photo mosaic wall.

The guests at your next corporate event will love the feeling of togetherness and immersion that’s provided by this very cool display option.

What is it?

A mosaic photo wall is just one way you can display the images captured as part of your corporate or long term hire photo booth booking, or via an Instagram hashtag, text message and/or twitter.

It works a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Every individual photo taken at the photo booth is brought together to create a larger image over the course of your event.

You pick the larger image, and clever software chooses how to arrange the photos captured by your guests to bring it to life.

There are two options for displaying your mosaic:

  • Digital display – the digital mosaic displays on screens within your venue.
  • Print wall – we print a sticker of each photo with a unique grid number on the back. Your guests find their number on a mosaic board and stick it in the right spot.

No matter which option you choose, this really is the ultimate interactive, branded experience.

You’ll love it because…

There are a range of advantages to adding a mosaic photo wall to your next brand activation.


By placing your guest’s pictures within a larger image, you’re giving them the opportunity to see themselves as part of a community or group. This makes the mosaic photo wall an excellent option for events that are aimed at building or emphasising community or fostering a sense of belonging.

Think: members’ days, events for charities or causes, university welcome weeks, and so much more…

Interaction and engagement

A branded photo mosaic wall is a group effort. Everyone at your event has a chance to get involved, and see themselves within the mosaic. This is a great driver for engagement.

With the digital option, guests will be eager to see themselves on the big screen.

But the print wall is the real winner when it comes to interaction. Guests physically take part in making the mosaic wall come together. They’re responsible for making it happen, and often feel a sense of ownership over the end result!

You can even take your mosaic wall online. All guests can receive a URL which allows them to watch the mosaic wall being created and participate by uploading their own images.

Social media buzz

Because you can gather photos via using a specific hashtag on Instagram and via Twitter, it’s a great way to generate social media buzz. Even if you’re just collecting photos via the photo booth, we make sure the content looks great and is fun to create, so your guests are keen to share it online!

The experience itself is captivating. It’s fascinating to watch a larger image emerge from it’s smaller parts. No doubt you’ll see people taking to social media to share it’s progress over the course of your event!

Ongoing marketing content

Whether you choose a digital or physical option, you’ll be sent a digital copy of your mosaic after the event that you can use for ongoing marketing.

Plus, you’ll have all that user generated content from your photo booth, and/or anything sent in via Instagram, Twitter, and/or text message.

How does it work?

The process of building the mosaic is super easy – we just need a place that fits our photo booth, and either access to screens or the mosaic of your chosen size.

As a reminder, when choosing where to set-up your photo booth, we usually look for a solid, level, 3m x 3m floor space, and access to a stable 240v power supply.

Once you’ve selected your image, we’ll look after everything else for you:

  1. Choose the image you would like your guests to make.
  2. We’ll set up and get the photo booth up and running.
  3. Your guests will take and submit images either by jumping in the photo booth, or sending it in via text message, Instagram hashtag or Twitter.
  4. Our software will analyse the image for optimal placement on the wall and allocate a grid number.
  5. Our software will add the image to the digital display in the right spot OR your guests will take their sticker and place it on the mosaic in the right spot, based on the grid number (and our team will be there to help as well).

When it comes to choosing your image, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • We can use any image you like.
  • Your mosaic wall can be the size of a small painting containing only 100 images, up to huge artworks made up of thousands of images. Our standard size is 130cm x 130cm (635 images).
  • Worried about what happens if there aren’t enough images to make up the mosaic? Don’t! At the end of your event, our software can run through all of the images collected and select the best images to repeat to fill the gaps. You can also supply a backup folder of images.

Is it worth it?

We think so! If you’re already considering having a photo booth at your next event, a branded mosaic photo wall is an excellent way to display the images you capture, while boosting social media presence, engagement and a feeling of community amongst your guests.

Want to know more? Read our post on the marketing and experience benefits of hiring a photo booth for your next corporate event. 

A photo mosaic wall really is the perfect add-on to your photo booth experience.

Imagine this…

You choose an image that represents you and your partner. Maybe it’s a photo of you both. Maybe it’s your favourite artwork. Or a holiday snap of your favourite place.

Over the day of your wedding – or maybe just at the reception – your guests happily snap away on their phones or at your photo booth.

As the day progresses, like a jigsaw puzzle, all of these photos come together to make the picture you chose. All the people you love, all making a picture you love, on the happiest day of your life!

And then you get to take it home to hang on your wall. How cool is that?!

There are so many reasons why you should add a mosaic to your wedding photo booth experience

Get a unique – and meaningful – wedding momento

Put your photos of your guests on the wall, rather than hidden away in a photo album or folder on your computer. Your mosaic can be any image you like – you call the shots! But it will be entirely made of photos of your guests.

Capture memories from people who aren’t able to come

It’s not always possible for everyone to attend your wedding. People who aren’t able to attend your wedding can contribute images via text message. They’ll still be a part of your big day.

See your wedding from all angles

You can choose to have guests contribute to the mosaic throughout the entire day, or just at the reception. They can also add their photos by using the photo booth, or they can load the snaps they take throughout the day via a hashtag on Instagram, Tweet, or text message. You’ll see pictures you otherwise might have missed. And you’ll capture memories to last a lifetime.

How does it work?

First, you have to choose the picture you’d like to make as your mosaic masterpiece.

If you’re having trouble choosing, we can give you advice on which images will work best in the mosaic format.

You can choose from a range of sizes, but our standard size is 90cm x 60cm (432 images).

Once we have this information, we will organise for the art board to be printed and bring everything we need to create the mosaic along with the photo booth on the day.

The next bit is the fun part.

The process of creating a mosaic is super easy. We’ll look after everything for you – don’t worry about anything other than having the time of your life!

  1. Our software gathers all the images from the photo booth, Instagram, Twitter, and text message.
  2. It works out the perfect position for the image within your mosaic, allocates it a grid number, and prints a sticker.
  3. Your guests check out the grid number, and find the matching number on the mosaic board (don’t worry – weddings can be long days – we’ll be there to help them get it in the right spot!)
  4. They stick it on, and you see your mosaic come to life!

At the end of your wedding you’ll have an amazing collection of memories all compiled in a large format, frame-ready piece of art.

We offer photo mosaic walls as an add-on to our wedding and party packages.

Before you book, read 5 things to know before you book a wedding photo booth.

When you’re planning a corporate event, you want to have a clear view of timelines, know that everything will be taken care of, and do your best to avoid any hiccups on the day.

We understand – and we’ve got you covered.

Before booking a photo booth for your next brand activation, conference, team event or anything else you can dream up, there are some things you should know. To make sure you’ve got the basics covered, we’ve answered your key questions, so you can book your photo booth with confidence.

What information do I need to book, and when should I do it?

Ideally, we’d like to start working with you as soon as you’ve booked in your venue.

But, we do know that’s not always possible.

One of the reasons we like to work with you as soon as possible is so that we can make sure you and your guests enjoy a fully customised, branded experience.

When it comes to corporate events, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

Each event has a unique goal, setting, and atmosphere. We want to do our best to elevate the experience for your guests, in a way that helps you meet the goals for your events, and seamlessly fits into the overall event.

The Click Click team will work closely with you from day 1, to understand your objectives, and how our expertise can bring your ideas to life.

First, we’ll organise a time to talk on the phone with you, to gather the information we need to prepare a proposal. At this stage we want to understand the objectives for your event as a whole and what you’re looking to achieve using a photo booth.

We’ll talk through any suggestions we have based on past experience, and how the various photo booth features can be used to their best advantage to meet your goals.

All of this information will inform our proposal, which will:

  • Recap of the mission and event objectives based on our discussions.
  • Outline the package we have put together and its features.
  • Present the price.

Is my venue suited to a photo booth experience?

We can be fairly flexible with where we set up the photo booth. But, there are some essentials that we need to cover.

That’s why it’s important that your venue is booked before the photo booth, so we can tick the right boxes and ensure the photo booth will be a success.


Ideally, we require a 3m x 3m space for set up. 

Because we’re an open photo booth, the space we need is quite small. We just need room for the backdrop, equipment and props.

Based on experience, we recommend 3m x 3m to allow your guests ease of access, and plenty of room to move comfortably around the photo booth.

That said, we have previously set up in spaces that are 2m x 2m or 3m x 1m.


We require one standard 240v powerpoint. 

Even though we always bring along a 1.5m extension cable, the powerpoint should be close to your booth to reduce the need for extension cables. Less power cables means less risk to your guests and less potential for interruption to your photo booth.

Don’t worry, whether we use our extension cable or not, we tape down all cables with cloth tape to reduce any risk to guests.

Outdoor events

The same rules apply outdoors as indoors.

The most important factor is flat ground. We want to keep your guests safe, avoid any trips or tumbles, and make sure your event runs smoothly.

We need to have the space to operate the photo booth comfortably, and a consistent power supply.

Ideally, we like to set the photo booth up by a wall, so that the backdrop can be protected from the wind.

For outdoor events, we will always cover any cables with matts, astroturf or rubber covers (depending on where we’ve set up).

If wet weather is predicted, we will need to move inside and away from rain and soggy ground.

How long should I hire the photo booth for?

Our minimum hire time for corporate events is 3 hours. Our long term hire packages kick in at 10 hours and can run over several days, weeks or months!

As you can see, our hire times are very flexible. This is because the ideal length of time for any event is dependent on a number of factors.

When we recommend a timeframe we consider the,

  • Type of event,
  • Purpose of the photo booth,
  • Number of guests,

And of course the length of the event itself.

How can I access the photo booth content?

Depending on the package that we agree on, your content may be in a variety number of formats including,

  • Printed photos
  • Digital photos
  • Animated GIFs
  • Boomerangs
  • Videos
  • Or a mix of all of the above.

No matter what package you choose, you will have access to all the content taken by the photo booth. For digital packages (no prints) you will be able to see what your guests get up to in real time. For all print packages, we will edit the photos and provide you with access to an online gallery within 24 hours after the event. You can then download your images from the gallery.

A print package is a creative and fun option to generate brand awareness and create custom marketing collateral. It gives your guest something tangible they can take home with them. We can provide studio quality photos and unlimited prints in a variety of sizes including strips, 6×4” postcard size and the larger 6×6” or 6×8” size.

Digital only photos, GIFs, boomerangs and videos are ideal for social media exposure, lead generation and data collection. Digital experiences are for those who love technology, social media, or are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to prints.

Looking for photo booth inspiration?

See how we generated a sense of community and fun at the Ferrari Pasion Day 2019.

Hiring a photo booth (particularly a Click Click Photo Booth) is a great way to bring the fun to any event.

But, did you know, they also have a range of marketing and engagement benefits for marketing and events teams?

Here are just a handful of the reasons you should hire a photo booth for your next corporate event.

Improve the guest experience

We’ve seen first hand how a photo booth can increase engagement in events and up the fun factor.

A photo booth is a wonderful opportunity to bring all of your guests together for a fun, impromptu photo shoot. It can be a relaxed, informal way to bring together potential and current clients, team members and colleagues.

Don’t worry about people being camera shy. Happiness is infectious! Once they see people having fun, they’ll quickly get involved.

It can be an interactive experience that makes an event more memorable. A way to capture images without needing to push a camera into someone’s face. A way to expand on the theme and message of your event.

Boost brand awareness

Extend your brand with a fully customised photo booth experience.

Every aspect of the photo booth can be branded, including,

  • Prints
  • Display screens
  • Backdrops
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Live gallery
  • Props

And almost any other aspect you can think of.

Not only is every single guest that gets in front of the camera exposed to your brand, but they can walk away with a (physical, digital or both) piece of your brand as well.

Get social media exposure

Digital images, boomerangs and animated GIFs are instantly accessible from the photo booth.

And you know what that means: real time posting to social media.

Digital files can be used for your own social channels, or to boost user generated content from the event. Let your guests take the reins and create social buzz, sharing content that doesn’t just look amazing, but is also fully branded to promote your business.

Generate new leads

A photo booth can be an interactive, unobtrusive way to collect customer data and feedback.

We’re able to collect data such as

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Survey data

Data is collected in a fun and creative way that rewards your guests with their photos, boomerangs or animated GIFs.

Take the stress away

When you hire a photo booth experience for your corporate event, you’re letting professionals take the wheel.

We have experience in bringing the good times to events like yours in and around Brisbane, and will put your guest’s experience first.

We love working with corporate clients to turn their ideas into reality. Read about the work we did with Ferrari Brisbane for a glimpse into our process.

So, you want to book a photo booth for your wedding.

Firstly, congratulations! We’re excited that you’re considering making a photo booth experience part of your big day.

Now, on to the important stuff. Before you book, you’re going to want to make sure you have the basic covered. We’ve answered all of the key questions below, so that you can book your photo booth with confidence.

When do I need to hire my photo booth?

When you’re planning a wedding, one of the most important things to pay attention to is your timeline.

If you’ve already confirmed your venue, then you need to book your photo booth.

It’s not uncommon for us to have bookings a year or more in advance, particularly for peak wedding season. April and May, and September and October, are particularly busy months for weddings. We often have multiple bookings on the same day.

Most of the details for your photo booth will be confirmed when you book. We will then be in touch 30 days before the wedding to go through the finer details.

30 days beforehand we will confirm:

  • Your print template / design
  • Any props
  • The set-up times and details
  • Your floor plan

A note on our availability: Many of our 2020 weddings were rescheduled due to COVID-19. This means that our 2021 calendar is very full, and that we are already taking enquiries for 2022. Please consider booking sooner rather than later to avoid missing out.

Is my wedding venue right for a photo booth?

While the placement of your photo booth is fairly flexible, there are a few essentials that we need to cover. It’s important that your venue is booked first, so that we can confirm these details as soon as possible.


The ideal space for our photo booths is 3m x 3m. But we have set up in spaces that are 2m x 2m or 3m x 1m.

We are an open photo booth, so the amount of space we need for your backdrop, equipment and props is quite small. We recommend the 3m x 3m space to help your guests move comfortably around the photo booth.


We require one standard 240v powerpoint. The powerpoint should be close to your booth. We do always bring a 1.5 metre extension cable along and will always tape all cables down with cloth tape. However, keeping the booth close to the power point further reduces any risk to your guests and potential interruption to the photo booth.  Otherwise, we always bring a 1.5 metre extension cable along.

Outdoor weddings

If you want to keep your photobooth outside, the same rules apply. We need to have the space to operate the photo booth comfortably, and a consistent power supply. We will always cover any cables with matts, astroturf or rubber covers depending on the ground.

Flat ground is also essential. We want to keep your guests safe, avoid any trips or tumbles, and make sure your wedding runs smoothly.

How long should I hire the photo booth for?

We think that the best length of time depends on the number of guests you have.

We want to make sure there is enough time to capture all of your guests – without a rush! – while still making sure you get bang for your buck!

If you have less than 200 guests, book the booth for 4 hours. This is our most popular option.

If you have over 200 guests, or think that your guests will be total photo booth addicts, book for 5 hours to ensure that no one misses out.

There are a lot of experiences to include in a wedding reception. As far as your photo booth experience goes, our most popular times are 6pm to 10pm (or 6pm to 11pm). This usually means that the booth starts at the same time as the reception.

Timing really comes down to personal preference and the other moments you have planned throughout the reception. We’ve started photo booth experiences after the reception, and had breaks in our hire times. We’re happy to discuss all of these options with you.

How do I get my photos?

Your photo booth memories can come in many forms:

  • Printed photos
  • Digital photos
  • Animated GIFs
  • Boomerangs

or a mix.

Prints are still our most popular option. We can provide studio quality photos and unlimited full size 6”x4” prints or traditional strip prints (a series of small images on a tall, narrow strip).

Digital only photos, GIFs and boomerangs are getting more and more popular. They’re a good option for couples that love technology, social media, or are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to prints.

Digital files can be accessed by your guests immediately through email, SMS or a live online gallery. Your wedding memories will be ready for download and sharing to social media as they’re captured!

Both options are also available. Produce prints in place of gifts for guests and capture digital memories to keep and share forever.

How do I choose my backdrop?

We have a range of 16 backdrops that suit most styles and colour schemes.

Because we only have one of each backdrop, please choose your backdrop when you book.

We’ve also had many couples use the features of their venue as the backdrop. Unique and interesting walls, doors and other features can give you a stand-out backdrop while you save money.

If you’d like us to set up outside, bear in mind that a fabric backdrop might only work against something solid. Wind can quickly turn a fabric backdrop into a sail! Instead, think about a solid backdrop like a green wall, hedge wall or flower wall.

If you have a little extra space in the budget we can work with you on a custom backdrop. We are here to help you get your dream wedding, and bring your ideas to life.

Is a wedding photo booth worth it?

We are biased, but here are some things to consider.

You’ll get an extra set of wedding photos, and capture your reception. Often, wedding photography only captures the bridal party and a handful of guests. A wedding photo booth is a cost effective option to capture more of your event.

You can use the images as wedding favours. Photo booth prints make excellent gifts for your guests, without a huge amount of work on your end. Don’t spend days creating gift boxes or filling organza bags with sweet treats, book a photo booth!

You’re creating a fun experience for your guests. We don’t just drop off a photo booth and leave. Our photo booth attendants are all about creating a great experience and bringing the fun for you and your guests.

Still need convincing? Read 5 reasons to have Click Click Photo Booth at your wedding.

Made up your mind? Check our availability

You’re planning your wedding.

And it’s fun and exciting!

But it’s also overwhelming and stressful.

Choosing the date, the venue, the bridal party…

Thinking about colours, and dresses and catering options….

And adding up the numbers in the budget.

You might be wondering, should I hire a wedding photo booth? Are they worth the hype?

You might have even Googled ‘are wedding photo booths worth it?’

We’ve worked with hundreds of couples to capture memories of their big day, and we know that they would be with us when we say YES.

Your wedding photo booth is your value-for money reception photographer

Your official wedding photographer will no doubt capture the key parts of your big day. Walking down the aisle, the ‘I dos’ and maybe even the cake cutting and first dance.

But how often do you see wedding photographers capture the full fun and delight of the reception?

You won’t want to miss the memory of grandpa standing next to an inflatable champagne bottle and holding an ‘only here for the bubbles’ prop.

A wedding photo booth helps create and capture memories that you might not have otherwise. Many couples save on the duration of their wedding photographer, knowing that they have a photo booth there to capture their guests having fun.

Plus, based on your set up, there is always plenty of room for big group selfies. Bring the family together – from children to grandparents – and get the photos you’ll come to treasure. We always make sure we have stools on hand, as well as space for mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers, so everyone can get involved.

Have an impromptu photo shoot your friends and family won’t forget!

Entertainment central

Photo booths are almost the new normal at weddings.

Where, five or ten years ago, they would have been a rarity, guests now rush in to get in on the action!

We always hear guests say things like,

“Where is the photo booth? I need to take as many photos as I can while my makeup is still looking flawless!”

“Look! There’s no line, let’s jump into the photo booth before everyone else comes!”

Guests look forward to a photo booth. MCs love that there is something else there to entertain the crowd, and it gives the non-dancers a chance to have a bit of fun off the dancefloor (and gives the dance-aholics a chance to rest!).

Plus, it’s just as entertaining for the onlookers as the people in front of the camera. It’s hard not to laugh watching a group of people scramble to change poses and props.

Spend time with all of your guests (and get the photos to prove it)

After their wedding, many couples lament that they didn’t get to spend time with everyone, let alone get photos with them.

We’ve worked with plenty of couples who use the photo booth as a place to spend time with all of their guests, and grab a photo at the same time.

Time spent lining up and waiting for time at the photo booth can really bring your guests together.

It allows for mingling away from loud dancefloors – and is a great place for couples, who aren’t up for table hopping throughout the reception – to catch up with their guests.

Sure, it seems risky. Some guests seem pretty reluctant to go to a photo booth. But we guarantee that, once they see everyone else having a blaa, you won’t be able to keep them away.

Walk away with a great guest book

We can provide an extra copy of every image taken to be added to a guest book, and guide your guests to leave a message.

Don’t worry that your beautiful guest book will stay empty. Let us do the work for you.

No guest book, no worries – we will keep a copy from every session in a box for you.

All of our packages include digital copies of all the photo booth moments. Reminisce, share and download straight away. Our images are often available on the night, or up to 24 hours later. You’ll be able to relive the moment right away, likely before your photographer even starts editing!

Many of our couples turn their photo booth images into a wedding album.

Give memorable gifts

With a photo booth around, your guests don’t have to go home empty handed.

Guests will be provided with printed photos or digital files, and will always have something to remember your wedding by.

We can also supply custom cardboard photo frames, to hold your guests’ 6”x4” prints.

And, it’s a lot less work on your end than most wedding favours. Don’t spend days creating gift boxes or filling organza bags with sweet treats, book a photo booth!

Most importantly, a Click Click photo booth gives you a chance to relax.

We look after everything for you – from the custom design and details before the wedding to everything you need on the day including set up and pack down. There will also be an attendant ready to look after everything including your guests.

Are you ready to get started? Check our availability or read, 5 things to know before you book a wedding photo booth.