Photo booths: The marketing and experience benefits for corporate events

Hiring a photo booth (particularly a Click Click Photo Booth) is a great way to bring the fun to any event.

But, did you know, they also have a range of marketing and engagement benefits for marketing and events teams?

Here are just a handful of the reasons you should hire a photo booth for your next corporate event.

Improve the guest experience

We’ve seen first hand how a photo booth can increase engagement in events and up the fun factor.

A photo booth is a wonderful opportunity to bring all of your guests together for a fun, impromptu photo shoot. It can be a relaxed, informal way to bring together potential and current clients, team members and colleagues.

Don’t worry about people being camera shy. Happiness is infectious! Once they see people having fun, they’ll quickly get involved.

It can be an interactive experience that makes an event more memorable. A way to capture images without needing to push a camera into someone’s face. A way to expand on the theme and message of your event.

Boost brand awareness

Extend your brand with a fully customised photo booth experience.

Every aspect of the photo booth can be branded, including,

  • Prints
  • Display screens
  • Backdrops
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Live gallery
  • Props

And almost any other aspect you can think of.

Not only is every single guest that gets in front of the camera exposed to your brand, but they can walk away with a (physical, digital or both) piece of your brand as well.

Get social media exposure

Digital images, boomerangs and animated GIFs are instantly accessible from the photo booth.

And you know what that means: real time posting to social media.

Digital files can be used for your own social channels, or to boost user generated content from the event. Let your guests take the reins and create social buzz, sharing content that doesn’t just look amazing, but is also fully branded to promote your business.

Generate new leads

A photo booth can be an interactive, unobtrusive way to collect customer data and feedback.

We’re able to collect data such as

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Survey data

Data is collected in a fun and creative way that rewards your guests with their photos, boomerangs or animated GIFs.

Take the stress away

When you hire a photo booth experience for your corporate event, you’re letting professionals take the wheel.

We have experience in bringing the good times to events like yours in and around Brisbane, and will put your guest’s experience first.

We love working with corporate clients to turn their ideas into reality. Read about the work we did with Ferrari Brisbane for a glimpse into our process.