5 things to know before booking a photo booth for a your next corporate event

When you’re planning a corporate event, you want to have a clear view of timelines, know that everything will be taken care of, and do your best to avoid any hiccups on the day.

We understand – and we’ve got you covered.

Before booking a photo booth for your next brand activation, conference, team event or anything else you can dream up, there are some things you should know. To make sure you’ve got the basics covered, we’ve answered your key questions, so you can book your photo booth with confidence.

What information do I need to book, and when should I do it?

Ideally, we’d like to start working with you as soon as you’ve booked in your venue.

But, we do know that’s not always possible.

One of the reasons we like to work with you as soon as possible is so that we can make sure you and your guests enjoy a fully customised, branded experience.

When it comes to corporate events, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

Each event has a unique goal, setting, and atmosphere. We want to do our best to elevate the experience for your guests, in a way that helps you meet the goals for your events, and seamlessly fits into the overall event.

The Click Click team will work closely with you from day 1, to understand your objectives, and how our expertise can bring your ideas to life.

First, we’ll organise a time to talk on the phone with you, to gather the information we need to prepare a proposal. At this stage we want to understand the objectives for your event as a whole and what you’re looking to achieve using a photo booth.

We’ll talk through any suggestions we have based on past experience, and how the various photo booth features can be used to their best advantage to meet your goals.

All of this information will inform our proposal, which will:

  • Recap of the mission and event objectives based on our discussions.
  • Outline the package we have put together and its features.
  • Present the price.

Is my venue suited to a photo booth experience?

We can be fairly flexible with where we set up the photo booth. But, there are some essentials that we need to cover.

That’s why it’s important that your venue is booked before the photo booth, so we can tick the right boxes and ensure the photo booth will be a success.


Ideally, we require a 3m x 3m space for set up. 

Because we’re an open photo booth, the space we need is quite small. We just need room for the backdrop, equipment and props.

Based on experience, we recommend 3m x 3m to allow your guests ease of access, and plenty of room to move comfortably around the photo booth.

That said, we have previously set up in spaces that are 2m x 2m or 3m x 1m.


We require one standard 240v powerpoint. 

Even though we always bring along a 1.5m extension cable, the powerpoint should be close to your booth to reduce the need for extension cables. Less power cables means less risk to your guests and less potential for interruption to your photo booth.

Don’t worry, whether we use our extension cable or not, we tape down all cables with cloth tape to reduce any risk to guests.

Outdoor events

The same rules apply outdoors as indoors.

The most important factor is flat ground. We want to keep your guests safe, avoid any trips or tumbles, and make sure your event runs smoothly.

We need to have the space to operate the photo booth comfortably, and a consistent power supply.

Ideally, we like to set the photo booth up by a wall, so that the backdrop can be protected from the wind.

For outdoor events, we will always cover any cables with matts, astroturf or rubber covers (depending on where we’ve set up).

If wet weather is predicted, we will need to move inside and away from rain and soggy ground.

How long should I hire the photo booth for?

Our minimum hire time for corporate events is 3 hours. Our long term hire packages kick in at 10 hours and can run over several days, weeks or months!

As you can see, our hire times are very flexible. This is because the ideal length of time for any event is dependent on a number of factors.

When we recommend a timeframe we consider the,

  • Type of event,
  • Purpose of the photo booth,
  • Number of guests,

And of course the length of the event itself.

How can I access the photo booth content?

Depending on the package that we agree on, your content may be in a variety number of formats including,

  • Printed photos
  • Digital photos
  • Animated GIFs
  • Boomerangs
  • Videos
  • Or a mix of all of the above.

No matter what package you choose, you will have access to all the content taken by the photo booth. For digital packages (no prints) you will be able to see what your guests get up to in real time. For all print packages, we will edit the photos and provide you with access to an online gallery within 24 hours after the event. You can then download your images from the gallery.

A print package is a creative and fun option to generate brand awareness and create custom marketing collateral. It gives your guest something tangible they can take home with them. We can provide studio quality photos and unlimited prints in a variety of sizes including strips, 6×4” postcard size and the larger 6×6” or 6×8” size.

Digital only photos, GIFs, boomerangs and videos are ideal for social media exposure, lead generation and data collection. Digital experiences are for those who love technology, social media, or are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to prints.

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