Mosaic photo wall

Bring your guests together to achieve a common goal and build a branded work of art.

A mosaic photo wall works a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Every individual photo taken at the photo booth, shared on Instagram, Twitter or via text message is brought together to create a larger image over the course of your event.

You pick the larger image, and our clever software chooses how to arrange the photos captured by your guests to bring it to life.

There are two options for displaying your mosaic:

  • Digital display – the digital mosaic displays on screens within your venue.
  • Print wall – we print a sticker of each photo with a unique grid number on the back. Your guests find their number on a mosaic board and stick it in the right spot.

No matter which option you choose, this really is the ultimate interactive, branded experience.

Why you will love a Mosaic Photo Wall experience.

How does a Mosaic Photo Wall work?

Choose the image you would like your guests to make.

Your guests will take and submit images either by jumping in the photo booth, or sending it in via text message, Instagram hashtag or Twitter.

Our software will collect and analyse the images for optimal placement on the wall and allocate a grid number.

Our software will add the image to the digital display in the right spot OR your guests will take their sticker and place it on the mosaic in the right spot, based on the grid number (and our team will be there to help as well).

Mosaic Photo Wall Package

Starting from $1,650

  • Unlimited photos, gifs and boomerangs
  • Set up and pack down
  • Photo booth attendant
  • Custom branded templates
  • Backdrop of your choice (view our range)
  • Props to match your event
  • Live online gallery
  • Social media sharing via email and SMS
  • Travel 50km from Brisbane
  • Custom made 120cm x 80cm grid wall to build your selected image
  • Generate up to 384 photo stickers from photo booth photos, Instagram, Twitter and text message
  • Digital copy of mosaic

Customisable extras

  • Unlimited custom designed prints
  • Upgrade to larger grid board size
  • Digital display of Mosaic on screens
  • Live streaming

Things you should know

Have another question? Contact us – we’d love to help.

A photo mosaic wall allows you to gather images from the photo booth, Instagram, Twitter or text message to create a fully customised mosaic over the course of your event.

It is super simple! Guests just need to grab their props, stand in front of the backdrop and the attendant will press the touch screen to start. After the session is over guests will receive their print and be able to email or SMS themselves digital copies.  Easy as that!

Based on your specified bump in time, we will set up the photo booth and have it ready for you. Our attendants will look after everything for you including your guests.

When choosing where to set-up your photo booth, we look for a solid, level floorspace of 3m x 3m. We can work with smaller spaces, just let us know

We also need access to stable 240v power supply.

We are able to provide the long term service to anywhere in Australia – as long as we can travel there from Brisbane.

50km travel from Brisbane is included for free however, any additional car travel or interstate travel will be an additional charge.

You will have access to all the images used to make up the mosaic as well as a digital copy of the full mosaic within 24 hours of the event.