5 reasons to book a photo booth for your Christmas party

So you’re planning your Christmas party or end of year celebration, and you want to know how you can up the fun factor and the camaraderie.

A photo booth might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Here are 5 reasons why a photo booth experience is a must for your next Christmas Party or End of Year Celebration.

  1. Ditch the awkward photos

A roaming photographer or designated team member who is handy with a camera can take some great photos…

But, they can also be incredibly awkward.

You know what we’re talking about. Forced smiles and people trying to pose like they like each other (while not really wanting to get too close).

A photo booth removes the pressure and let’s people have a more casual, fun experience.

Your team, clients and guests can come and go throughout the event, choosing when they get a photo and who with. They can work up the courage by watching others go first, and show their fun side with themed props and funny speech bubble sayings.

  1. All the festive props you want…even Santa!

Who says pictures with Santa are only for kids?

If your event is family-focused, give your team and clients an opportunity to get family photos with Santa – with a difference. No lines in the shopping centre. No tacky thrones. Just a whole lot of fun!

And, even if there are no kids present, it will be a real talking point!

You’ll be surprised how many of your team sneak into the photo booth to re-live their childhood memories and get a happy snap with Santa.

No matter what direction you choose to go, we’ll provide props to match your theme and up the fun levels. Props also help people who are shy get the courage to pose – giving them to do with their hands and sometimes even something to hide behind.

  1. Capture and create hilarious memories

The snaps we take in the photo booth are perfect for pinning to your office wall, or placing framed on your desk.

Why? Because they capture the fun and joy of hanging out with your workplace besties.

Year on year, we have so many clients come up to us to tell us that they still have last year’s staff party photo booth pics in their office. And that every time they look at them, they get a good laugh!

The photos captured are also great content for things like employer branding and marketing materials, staff newsletters, internal communications platforms, and even social media.

  1. Bring your theme to life

From tropical, to 1920’s, to winter wonderland, to Hollywood glam…the options are endless! This is just a taste of some of the themes that we’ve created experiences for.

Every part of the photo booth experience can be customised to suit your theme. If you’re planning your Christmas or end of year party, you can also go wild thinking about your,

  • Backdrop,
  • Props,
  • Speech bubbles,
  • Templates and print designs, and
  • Display screens.

Too much on your plate? Don’t worry, just let us know your theme and we’ll give you our recommendations and handle all the photo booth experience details for you – big and small.

  1. Spread the joy and celebrate!

Maybe your end of year celebration also includes awards and recognition of your team or guests?

Use a photo booth experience to capture the joy of that recognition and share the celebration.

Photo booth experiences often generate a lot of buzz outside of the event as well – as your guests share their pictures, videos, gifs and/or boomerangs on social media. This is great for employee engagement, employer branding, and general marketing.

Show that you’ve got a great place to work, or that you treat your clients, or just that you’re a joyful group of people to be around.

Above all else, a photo booth experience helps your team unwind and stay in the moment at your event.

Take their mind off their email inbox and let them unwind!