Mosaic photo walls: Your next brand activation idea

If you’re looking for brand activation ideas, look no further than a branded photo mosaic wall.

The guests at your next corporate event will love the feeling of togetherness and immersion that’s provided by this very cool display option.

What is it?

A mosaic photo wall is just one way you can display the images captured as part of your corporate or long term hire photo booth booking, or via an Instagram hashtag, text message and/or twitter.

It works a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Every individual photo taken at the photo booth is brought together to create a larger image over the course of your event.

You pick the larger image, and clever software chooses how to arrange the photos captured by your guests to bring it to life.

There are two options for displaying your mosaic:

  • Digital display – the digital mosaic displays on screens within your venue.
  • Print wall – we print a sticker of each photo with a unique grid number on the back. Your guests find their number on a mosaic board and stick it in the right spot.

No matter which option you choose, this really is the ultimate interactive, branded experience.

You’ll love it because…

There are a range of advantages to adding a mosaic photo wall to your next brand activation.


By placing your guest’s pictures within a larger image, you’re giving them the opportunity to see themselves as part of a community or group. This makes the mosaic photo wall an excellent option for events that are aimed at building or emphasising community or fostering a sense of belonging.

Think: members’ days, events for charities or causes, university welcome weeks, and so much more…

Interaction and engagement

A branded photo mosaic wall is a group effort. Everyone at your event has a chance to get involved, and see themselves within the mosaic. This is a great driver for engagement.

With the digital option, guests will be eager to see themselves on the big screen.

But the print wall is the real winner when it comes to interaction. Guests physically take part in making the mosaic wall come together. They’re responsible for making it happen, and often feel a sense of ownership over the end result!

You can even take your mosaic wall online. All guests can receive a URL which allows them to watch the mosaic wall being created and participate by uploading their own images.

Social media buzz

Because you can gather photos via using a specific hashtag on Instagram and via Twitter, it’s a great way to generate social media buzz. Even if you’re just collecting photos via the photo booth, we make sure the content looks great and is fun to create, so your guests are keen to share it online!

The experience itself is captivating. It’s fascinating to watch a larger image emerge from it’s smaller parts. No doubt you’ll see people taking to social media to share it’s progress over the course of your event!

Ongoing marketing content

Whether you choose a digital or physical option, you’ll be sent a digital copy of your mosaic after the event that you can use for ongoing marketing.

Plus, you’ll have all that user generated content from your photo booth, and/or anything sent in via Instagram, Twitter, and/or text message.

How does it work?

The process of building the mosaic is super easy – we just need a place that fits our photo booth, and either access to screens or the mosaic of your chosen size.

As a reminder, when choosing where to set-up your photo booth, we usually look for a solid, level, 3m x 3m floor space, and access to a stable 240v power supply.

Once you’ve selected your image, we’ll look after everything else for you:

  1. Choose the image you would like your guests to make.
  2. We’ll set up and get the photo booth up and running.
  3. Your guests will take and submit images either by jumping in the photo booth, or sending it in via text message, Instagram hashtag or Twitter.
  4. Our software will analyse the image for optimal placement on the wall and allocate a grid number.
  5. Our software will add the image to the digital display in the right spot OR your guests will take their sticker and place it on the mosaic in the right spot, based on the grid number (and our team will be there to help as well).

When it comes to choosing your image, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • We can use any image you like.
  • Your mosaic wall can be the size of a small painting containing only 100 images, up to huge artworks made up of thousands of images. Our standard size is 130cm x 130cm (635 images).
  • Worried about what happens if there aren’t enough images to make up the mosaic? Don’t! At the end of your event, our software can run through all of the images collected and select the best images to repeat to fill the gaps. You can also supply a backup folder of images.

Is it worth it?

We think so! If you’re already considering having a photo booth at your next event, a branded mosaic photo wall is an excellent way to display the images you capture, while boosting social media presence, engagement and a feeling of community amongst your guests.

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