So, you want to book a photo booth for your wedding.

Firstly, congratulations! We’re excited that you’re considering making a photo booth experience part of your big day.

Now, on to the important stuff. Before you book, you’re going to want to make sure you have the basic covered. We’ve answered all of the key questions below, so that you can book your photo booth with confidence.

When do I need to hire my photo booth?

When you’re planning a wedding, one of the most important things to pay attention to is your timeline.

If you’ve already confirmed your venue, then you need to book your photo booth.

It’s not uncommon for us to have bookings a year or more in advance, particularly for peak wedding season. April and May, and September and October, are particularly busy months for weddings. We often have multiple bookings on the same day.

Most of the details for your photo booth will be confirmed when you book. We will then be in touch 30 days before the wedding to go through the finer details.

30 days beforehand we will confirm:

  • Your print template / design
  • Any props
  • The set-up times and details
  • Your floor plan

A note on our availability: Many of our 2020 weddings were rescheduled due to COVID-19. This means that our 2021 calendar is very full, and that we are already taking enquiries for 2022. Please consider booking sooner rather than later to avoid missing out.

Is my wedding venue right for a photo booth?

While the placement of your photo booth is fairly flexible, there are a few essentials that we need to cover. It’s important that your venue is booked first, so that we can confirm these details as soon as possible.


The ideal space for our photo booths is 3m x 3m. But we have set up in spaces that are 2m x 2m or 3m x 1m.

We are an open photo booth, so the amount of space we need for your backdrop, equipment and props is quite small. We recommend the 3m x 3m space to help your guests move comfortably around the photo booth.


We require one standard 240v powerpoint. The powerpoint should be close to your booth. We do always bring a 1.5 metre extension cable along and will always tape all cables down with cloth tape. However, keeping the booth close to the power point further reduces any risk to your guests and potential interruption to the photo booth.  Otherwise, we always bring a 1.5 metre extension cable along.

Outdoor weddings

If you want to keep your photobooth outside, the same rules apply. We need to have the space to operate the photo booth comfortably, and a consistent power supply. We will always cover any cables with matts, astroturf or rubber covers depending on the ground.

Flat ground is also essential. We want to keep your guests safe, avoid any trips or tumbles, and make sure your wedding runs smoothly.

How long should I hire the photo booth for?

We think that the best length of time depends on the number of guests you have.

We want to make sure there is enough time to capture all of your guests – without a rush! – while still making sure you get bang for your buck!

If you have less than 200 guests, book the booth for 4 hours. This is our most popular option.

If you have over 200 guests, or think that your guests will be total photo booth addicts, book for 5 hours to ensure that no one misses out.

There are a lot of experiences to include in a wedding reception. As far as your photo booth experience goes, our most popular times are 6pm to 10pm (or 6pm to 11pm). This usually means that the booth starts at the same time as the reception.

Timing really comes down to personal preference and the other moments you have planned throughout the reception. We’ve started photo booth experiences after the reception, and had breaks in our hire times. We’re happy to discuss all of these options with you.

How do I get my photos?

Your photo booth memories can come in many forms:

  • Printed photos
  • Digital photos
  • Animated GIFs
  • Boomerangs

or a mix.

Prints are still our most popular option. We can provide studio quality photos and unlimited full size 6”x4” prints or traditional strip prints (a series of small images on a tall, narrow strip).

Digital only photos, GIFs and boomerangs are getting more and more popular. They’re a good option for couples that love technology, social media, or are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to prints.

Digital files can be accessed by your guests immediately through email, SMS or a live online gallery. Your wedding memories will be ready for download and sharing to social media as they’re captured!

Both options are also available. Produce prints in place of gifts for guests and capture digital memories to keep and share forever.

How do I choose my backdrop?

We have a range of 16 backdrops that suit most styles and colour schemes.

Because we only have one of each backdrop, please choose your backdrop when you book.

We’ve also had many couples use the features of their venue as the backdrop. Unique and interesting walls, doors and other features can give you a stand-out backdrop while you save money.

If you’d like us to set up outside, bear in mind that a fabric backdrop might only work against something solid. Wind can quickly turn a fabric backdrop into a sail! Instead, think about a solid backdrop like a green wall, hedge wall or flower wall.

If you have a little extra space in the budget we can work with you on a custom backdrop. We are here to help you get your dream wedding, and bring your ideas to life.

Is a wedding photo booth worth it?

We are biased, but here are some things to consider.

You’ll get an extra set of wedding photos, and capture your reception. Often, wedding photography only captures the bridal party and a handful of guests. A wedding photo booth is a cost effective option to capture more of your event.

You can use the images as wedding favours. Photo booth prints make excellent gifts for your guests, without a huge amount of work on your end. Don’t spend days creating gift boxes or filling organza bags with sweet treats, book a photo booth!

You’re creating a fun experience for your guests. We don’t just drop off a photo booth and leave. Our photo booth attendants are all about creating a great experience and bringing the fun for you and your guests.

Still need convincing? Read 5 reasons to have Click Click Photo Booth at your wedding.

Made up your mind? Check our availability

You’re planning your wedding.

And it’s fun and exciting!

But it’s also overwhelming and stressful.

Choosing the date, the venue, the bridal party…

Thinking about colours, and dresses and catering options….

And adding up the numbers in the budget.

You might be wondering, should I hire a wedding photo booth? Are they worth the hype?

You might have even Googled ‘are wedding photo booths worth it?’

We’ve worked with hundreds of couples to capture memories of their big day, and we know that they would be with us when we say YES.

Your wedding photo booth is your value-for money reception photographer

Your official wedding photographer will no doubt capture the key parts of your big day. Walking down the aisle, the ‘I dos’ and maybe even the cake cutting and first dance.

But how often do you see wedding photographers capture the full fun and delight of the reception?

You won’t want to miss the memory of grandpa standing next to an inflatable champagne bottle and holding an ‘only here for the bubbles’ prop.

A wedding photo booth helps create and capture memories that you might not have otherwise. Many couples save on the duration of their wedding photographer, knowing that they have a photo booth there to capture their guests having fun.

Plus, based on your set up, there is always plenty of room for big group selfies. Bring the family together – from children to grandparents – and get the photos you’ll come to treasure. We always make sure we have stools on hand, as well as space for mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers, so everyone can get involved.

Have an impromptu photo shoot your friends and family won’t forget!

Entertainment central

Photo booths are almost the new normal at weddings.

Where, five or ten years ago, they would have been a rarity, guests now rush in to get in on the action!

We always hear guests say things like,

“Where is the photo booth? I need to take as many photos as I can while my makeup is still looking flawless!”

“Look! There’s no line, let’s jump into the photo booth before everyone else comes!”

Guests look forward to a photo booth. MCs love that there is something else there to entertain the crowd, and it gives the non-dancers a chance to have a bit of fun off the dancefloor (and gives the dance-aholics a chance to rest!).

Plus, it’s just as entertaining for the onlookers as the people in front of the camera. It’s hard not to laugh watching a group of people scramble to change poses and props.

Spend time with all of your guests (and get the photos to prove it)

After their wedding, many couples lament that they didn’t get to spend time with everyone, let alone get photos with them.

We’ve worked with plenty of couples who use the photo booth as a place to spend time with all of their guests, and grab a photo at the same time.

Time spent lining up and waiting for time at the photo booth can really bring your guests together.

It allows for mingling away from loud dancefloors – and is a great place for couples, who aren’t up for table hopping throughout the reception – to catch up with their guests.

Sure, it seems risky. Some guests seem pretty reluctant to go to a photo booth. But we guarantee that, once they see everyone else having a blaa, you won’t be able to keep them away.

Walk away with a great guest book

We can provide an extra copy of every image taken to be added to a guest book, and guide your guests to leave a message.

Don’t worry that your beautiful guest book will stay empty. Let us do the work for you.

No guest book, no worries – we will keep a copy from every session in a box for you.

All of our packages include digital copies of all the photo booth moments. Reminisce, share and download straight away. Our images are often available on the night, or up to 24 hours later. You’ll be able to relive the moment right away, likely before your photographer even starts editing!

Many of our couples turn their photo booth images into a wedding album.

Give memorable gifts

With a photo booth around, your guests don’t have to go home empty handed.

Guests will be provided with printed photos or digital files, and will always have something to remember your wedding by.

We can also supply custom cardboard photo frames, to hold your guests’ 6”x4” prints.

And, it’s a lot less work on your end than most wedding favours. Don’t spend days creating gift boxes or filling organza bags with sweet treats, book a photo booth!

Most importantly, a Click Click photo booth gives you a chance to relax.

We look after everything for you – from the custom design and details before the wedding to everything you need on the day including set up and pack down. There will also be an attendant ready to look after everything including your guests.

Are you ready to get started? Check our availability or read, 5 things to know before you book a wedding photo booth.