University of Queensland Graduations

A Click Click Video Experience

The brief

Graduating from university is a moment of celebration. 

When the University of Queensland asked us how we could deliver a unique experience for graduates, their families and friends, we jumped at the opportunity.

The University of Queensland’s 2022 graduation ceremonies spanned over 5 days.

They wanted to help their graduates celebrate and provide a fun and interactive experience. At the same time, the Alumni team wanted to help the graduates understand their changing relationship with the university, as they transitioned from student to alumni.

And they wanted something a little different to your average photo booth.

What we did

When you think about graduation, is there an image that comes to mind?

For us it was the hat toss.

Our goal was to create a photo booth experience that would capture that moment of joy, excitement and energy as graduates tossed their caps.

Using a video booth was the perfect solution. We made the photo booth a part of a tradition, seamlessly integrating it with the event.

Graduates and their family and friends were able to choose from a boomerang or video to capture their hat tossing skills, plus any other fun times.

There’s a lot going on at graduation, so we needed to stand out.

We created a custom branded touch screen, and branded the back of the photo booth. No matter what direction they were coming from, the graduates would know the video booth was ready and waiting for them.

The results

Attendees were able to enter their phone numbers, to receive their images by SMS. The SMS included a custom message from Logan Water.

They had a great number of attendees walk through their booth, and a lot of people were talking about the effect of swimming in a sewage pool! It’s certainly not your average careers fair experience!

Do you want a fun, interactive experience to attract visitors to a trade stand or booth at your next event?

We make sure that all attendees have a fun, easy, and fully branded experience, while you get benefits like gathering data, growing your email list, generating much needed photo and video content for social media and so much more.

Talk to us about your next event, and how we can create a unique, custom photo booth experience to meet your goals.

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