Logan Water go swimming in a small space

A Click Click Installation

The brief

The Ignite Youth Careers Expo was created for people looking for a new job opportunity or making a decision about their future study and career plans.

As an exhibitor, Logan Water was there to help the attendees understand the different types of career available at their organisation, and how young people could get there.

But first, they needed to attract people to their booth.

They liked the idea of having a photo booth, but they had limited space.  We wouldn’t be able to set up a physical background.

What we did

Instead of relying on a physical background, we deployed AI technology to replace the background of every image captured with a custom background.

What background?

A sewage pond for attendees to “swim” in! It certainly caught people’s attention as they wandered past.

With some custom development and testing, we were able to incorporate the background into the photo system.

As soon as an attendee walked into the photo booth, they were able to see themselves swimming in the pond. Because they could immediately understand (and have a laugh at) the concept, attendees were eager to start taking photos.

This gave Logan Water more opportunities to engage with attendees.

To make sure attendees remembered the experience, we made sure they had a fully branded experience.

Each photo included the Logan Water logo, a cheeky little message, and a link to their careers website.

The results

Attendees were able to enter their phone numbers, to receive their images by SMS. The SMS included a custom message from Logan Water.

They had a great number of attendees walk through their booth, and a lot of people were talking about the effect of swimming in a sewage pool! It’s certainly not your average careers fair experience!

Do you want a fun, interactive experience to attract visitors to a trade stand or booth at your next event?

We make sure that all attendees have a fun, easy, and fully branded experience, while you get benefits like gathering data, growing your email list, generating much needed photo and video content for social media and so much more.

Talk to us about your next event, and how we can create a unique, custom photo booth experience to meet your goals.

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